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Werner, LLC is Faith based company built on Integrity, and Principles

We are excited to announce our brand new 90% program. Werner, LLC is a private owned company which allows us the versatility to take the Werner LLC and Owner operator partnership to the next level. We have an expanded freight plan that will allow for an additional 50 Drivers and OO's within the next phiscal year. This is a great opportunity for all invested. To all those who have already joined or new program I would like to say welcome to the Werner, LLC family.

The 90% plan lands more money in your pocket!

It's been said, that the phrase "A honest days work for a honest days pay" is a thing for the past. We are here to prove it can still be used today. The 90% plan eliminates the Line haul and Fuel Surcharge equation, hidden fees and deductions. All of our deductions are laid out up front witch total no more than $220.00 per week. The OO is paid a flat rate of 90% of the total load gross. That’s right a full 90%. This leaves no room for hidden fees, and trickery use by many companies in the industry. Simply saying you will know what you will make off each load before you haul it. For example:

If your truck grosses a Total of $3,500.00 in one week:  3,500.00 - 90% equals 3,150.00 - $220.00 in deductions equals your total compensation of: $2,930.00

Now you do the math. What would you make now, off of a $3,500.00 gross after all the hidden fee's and deductions???


Welcome to the new Werner, LLC recruiting site as of 4/05/12 3649

Each OO (Owner Operator) must cover his or her Own Physical Damage and Bobtail. Anyone needing Such Insurance can contact Peter keys (Southern Insurance Specialties) at 601-214-3561 


Trailers Avalible to OO's to lease per week:

Van $125.00

Flat Bed $150.00

Step Deck $175.00

Strapes and tie Downs can be purchased through the door at our main office. 


Werner's deductions in detail

Werner, LLC Deductions:

There will be a 1000.00 Escrow deducted 50.00 weekly for Cargo.

There will be a 75.00 per week Cargo Insurance Deduction.

There will be a 10.00 per week deduction KYU.

There will be a 10.00 per week deduction for IFTA.

There will be a 50.00 per week deduction for Dispatching fee.

There will be a 25.00 per week deduction for tracking software.

Total deductions: 220.00 per week

Information and benifits

All new OO's will be Awarded a 500.00 sign on Bonus. 

Addtional perks: All work performed on OO's equipment will be based on a $40.00 per hour rate . Most service locations charge over $100.00 per hour. 

Each Owner Operator will be allowed to lease a trailer; Van $125.00, Flat Bed $150.00, or Step Deck $175.00, per week. Straps and Tie downs are available through the door for purchase.

Terms for Termination of contract:

Excessive speeding. (Defined as anyone receiving a ticket for 15 miles over the speed limit.)

Anyone who receives a ticket for not wearing a seat belt.

Anyone caught using, or selling Drugs/Alcohol.

Bad attitude.